Boat shed, Burgao, Portugal
Boats, Burgao, Portugal
Church, Montalcino, Tuscany
Farmstead in Portugal
House, Sorrento, Italy
Interior of hotel in Cortona, Italy
Italian balcony, Montalcino, Italy
Pink flowers and green shutters
Port Isaac, Cornwall
Rua da Esta, Burgao, Portugal
Village square, Tournons d'Agenais, France
Yellow house
French doorway
Church doors, Lucca, Italy
French shop
A street in Montalcino, Tuscany
Chelsea Wharf
Palm tree and balcony
Lots Road Power Station Chelsea
Chelsea Wharf and the gasworks (1)
Chelsea Wharf and gasworks (2)
Red T shirt in St Remy, Provence
Italian interior (1)
Italian interior (2)
Shutters, Provence
Balcony, Cordoba
A house in Cordoba, Spain
Fishing nets, Port Isaac, Cornwall
Rooftops and chimneys, Lucca, Italy
Rooftops, Isles of Scilly
St Paul's Cathedral
Windows, Mensano, Venice
Farmhouse in Tuscany